Socratic Seminar

Socratic seminar is designed so that Big Picture students are able to gain skills in essay writing and literary analysis. Every other week more or less, we go through a pretty typical writing process, reading a piece, disscussing it,  and writing an essay about it, and then revising it. Throughout the year I began to notice that a lot of the revisions I was making had to do with connecting the smaller ideas in my socratics to the bigger ones.

Socratic 1: Every Little Hurricane

Socratic 2: It’s a Good Life

Socratic 3: Bear Attack

Socratic 4: Teenagers and the media

Socratic 5: Who’s Irish?

Socratic 6: Why it’s Important to be Bored

Socratic 7: Angels



Socratic 1: Black Lives Matter

Socratic 2: The Invitation

Socratic 3: Aquariums and Seaworld

Socratic 4: Harrison Bergeron


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