Fall Term Independent Project 2016

For my fall term project I researched Joseph Campbell’s ‘the Hero’s Journey’ theory and wrote a short story based on it. I was drawn to this theory because I have always loved the idea that despite our diversity and beautiful differences, human beings are all drawn to the same type of story. I learned a lot about myself as a writer over the course of this project, as well as proving to myself that I can in fact finish what I start. The following links include my notes, the rubric I created to judge this project, my project learning plan, as well as my Fall Term narrative for 2016, and the story itself. A big part of my process was staying on task. I used Written Kitten, which rewards the writer with a picture of a kitten every 100 words. I really wanted to finish my story, so simple motivation like that really helped. I also went on  a lot of walks to try to get rid of writers block, which was one of the biggest struggles in this project. It was hard when I was doing most of my writing at school because I couldn’t go jump on the trampoline or walk my dog to get rid of writers block, I had to make walking laps around the school work. Sometimes it would take me an entire day to get any writing done. Some days I didn’t write at all. On those days I would usually walk home from school and write a massive amount when I got home.





Fall Term Narrative


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