Community Based Learning 2016

  Friday Field Study

In order to prepare us for internships and community work, we took  field trip into Burlington almost every Friday of Fall Term to learn from local businesses and organizations. Each place that we  went inspired me in a different and exciting way, and I feel as if I learned something important at each place.
  • Vermont Violins 
  • VCAM 
  • The Generator 
  • Election Day Polls
  • BCA 

Community Work Days

On the Fridays that we were not doing Field Studies, we helped out and worked in the community. My favorite community work day by far was when we went to New Village Farm. We spent the entire day outside and not only learned a lot about how the farm is run, but
  • New Village Farm
  • Election Day
  • Ronald McDonald House

Industry Innovation Project

As a part of CBL we were asked to pair up and write a research paper about an industry that is struggling in some way. With fellow advisory member Grace, we explored the  health care industry the steadily inclining issue of prescription Opiate addiction. Read our paper here.

  • This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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